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On-site calibration: The fastest way for critical instruments
Reduce down-time for critical test equipment and avoid costly shipping charges for large systems by taking advantage of our on-site calibration service. In addition to normal RF and power line EMC instrumentation, Teseq® also performs on-site calibration for anechoic test chambers and open area test sites (OATS).

Ship to Teseq Service Lab: Fast, reliable, high-quality service
Teseq® has 7 worldwide accredited calibration and repair labs with industry leading turnaround times. We provide timely, cost-effective modifications and upgrades to accommodate new standards, as well as free firmware updates for increased performance to protect your investment.

Ship to independent calibration laboratory: Longer down-time and limited service
3rd party calibration labs do not offer upgrade, adjustment or repair services that may be needed to complete the calibration service. This means additional time and cost to ship the equipment back to the manufacturer for service, and to perform a second calibration.

Get your calibration services from the EMC experts who also develop and manufacture EMC test instruments.

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Sternenhofstr. 15
4153 Reinach, Switzerland
Tel.+ 41 61 204 41 00

Managing Directors:
Brian Huntsman
Astrid Wälchli Schreiber
VAT-ID: CHE-179.452.414
Register of companies: CH-

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