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Software updates


Two different update methods are possible:

A - Online update (Version 1.23 and higher)
Start the WIN 6000 program and run the menu function
“/program/check program update – online update”,
see manual for further information.

B - Download of the update file (Version 1.04 and higher)
For installation of the update is needed to unzip the files.
Start the WIN 6000 program and run the menu function
“/program/program update”.
The program expects files in the *.w6u format.

Note: Versions 1.09 and above are able to read *.w6u files.
Therefore versions below 1.09 need to be updated
first to version 1.09 and then to any higher version.


Last update 2017 November 13


The Field Strength Evaluator (FS-Evaluator) requires WIN 6000 version 1.23 or higher and the installed Ivrte82 (see below for details).

Last update 2017 November 13


For calibrations in accordance with additional standards, please install the provided libraries using the WIN 6000 menu item “Install Packages”.

Last update 2016 May 26


The Labview Runtime Engine will automatically be offered for download and installation. Download is only needed if the computer with installed WIN 6000 is not connected to the internet.

The Labview Runtime Engine is required for using the FS-Evaluator and for the new file dialog. The OS needs to be at least Windows NT.

Last update 2012 Nov. 26



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