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RC Stirrer S

Stirrer for Reverberation Chambers Model S

  • Frequency range up to 18 GHz
  • Excellent field homogeneity (<3 dB)
  • Full and pre-compliance testing
  • Radiated emission and immunity measurements
  • Stirrer optimized by numerical analysis
  • Continuous or stepped rotation

Stirrer size S, remote controlled, incl. gear motor for step-wise and continuous rotation, positioning accuracy +/- 0.5°, smallest step 0.1°, motor installed inside chamber, specified up to 600 V/m CW, incl. EMC filter, cables and stirrer control unit with remote interface and driver for C5I software

Parameter Value
Radius during rotation

approx. 566 mm


approx. 2000 mm

Edge length

approx. 800 mm

Stirrer mounted in vertical position

Max. length (motor+stirrer+counter bearing)

approx. 3000 mm

Min. length (motor+stirrer+counter bearing)

approx. 2500 mm

Position of the motor

mounted on chamber ceiling




Sternenhofstr. 15
4153 Reinach, Switzerland
Tel.+ 41 61 204 41 00

Managing Directors:
Brian Huntsman
Astrid Wälchli Schreiber
VAT-ID: CHE-179.452.414
Register of companies: CH-

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