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NSG 3040-SOW (discontinued)

The smart 4 kV solution for slow damped oscillatory wave testing

NSG 3040-SOWzoom
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-18 & ANSI C37.90.1 
  • 100 kHz and 1 MHz oscillation frequency from 0.2 to 4.4 kV
  • Selectable source impedance of 200 Ω and 150 Ω
  • Pulse repetition rate exceeds standards requirement
  • Quickly launch tests from extensive Standards Library or User Test folders
  • Easy-to-operate 7“ touchscreen color display


Teseq’s new NSG 3040-SOW is an easy-to-use stand alone generator for Slow Damped Oscillatory Wave testing (100 kHz and 1 MHz) in compliance with IEC/EN 61000-4-18 and ANSI C37.90.1, for single phase equipment up to 270 V/16 A. Unique NSG 3040-SOW capabilities enable users not only to perform tests according to exact standard requirements, but also to test at higher levels when over-testing is required, and to test under conditions that are closer to reality, ensuring their product will perform as intended in the real world.

Unique NSG 3040-SOW capabilities include higher voltage levels (up to 4.4 kV) ideal for development and over-testing purposes. Common mode, differential mode, and single/multiple line to ground coupling.

Unique NSG 3040-SOW source impedance values that reflect actual reality conditions. The NSG 3040-SOW features a selectable source impedance of 200 Ω and 150 Ω. According to standard, 200 Ω is the fixed output impedance, while the 150 Ω value represents the actual impedance of cables (twisted pairs).


Slow Damped Oscillatory Wave pulses 100 kHz and 1 MHz
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-18, ANSI C37.90.1, and IEC/EN 62052-11

Parameter Value

Voltage Range

0.2 to 4.4 kV

Oscillation frequency

100 kHz and 1 MHz

Pulse repetition

1 MHz pulse: From 1/s to 600/s (1), default is 400/s
100 kHz pulse: From 1/s to 120/s (1), default is 40/s

Source impedance

150 Ω and 200 Ω

Burst duration

From 1 s to 100 s or 1 pulse to 9999 pulses or continuous –
default setting is 2 s

Rise time

75 ns


1 Ph 16 A, up to 270 Vrms, 50/60 Hz (phase - neutral)


16 A, up to 270 VDC

Coupling cap

0.5 μF

Decoupling choke

2 x ≤1.5 mH


16 A, 0 to 270 VDC


(1) Pulse repetition rate and (Burst duration ÷ Repetition time) are derated for voltage levels above 3.3 kV. Please refer to user manual.


User manual




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