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Designers and manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers, specialized on modular and compact class A and class AB Microwave Amplifiers.

  • Upgradeable modular philosophy
  • Simple modules swap out for minimum down time
  • Front panel indicators show operational status
  • IEEE, USB, Ethernet and RS 232 interfaces
  • Directional coupler included (some models only)
  • 5 year warranty

Designed specifically for Radiated EMC testing, this mismatch tolerant Class A amplifier delivers power continuously into the poor and variable match typically associated with testing above 1 GHz. Although antennas are usually well matched at these high frequencies, the presence of the EUT in the path of the antenna causes high levels of reflected power which only full Class A amplifiers can tolerate.

Whilst antenna gain is relatively constant, increasing cable losses at the higher frequencies demand increasing power with increasing frequency. Teseq amplifiers are therefore designed to maintain their high linear output power right up to and beyond the defined frequency range.

The GaAs Class A design ensures a high reliability, low distortion linear performance across the frequency range. This design also ensures that the amplifi er will continue to operate at full power even when presented with an open or short circuit at its output.


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Sternenhofstr. 15
4153 Reinach, Switzerland
Tel.+ 41 61 204 41 00

Managing Directors:
Brian Huntsman
Astrid Wälchli Schreiber
VAT-ID: CHE-179.452.414
Register of companies: CH-

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