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IOB 4000

Input/Output Box for EUT-Monitoring

IOB 4000zoom
  • Input/Output Box for EUT-Monitoring
  • 12 digital inputs
  • Four analog inputs
  • One optical input
  • Eight low level TTL outputs
  • Optical RS232 for data transfer
  • Battery operated with power safe mode

The Input/Output Box, in short IOB 4000, is an ideal addition for electromagnetic immunity test systems. With its 12 digital inputs, as many signals on one test item can be monitored. In doing so, there are two available voltage ranges; 0 V … 24 V and TTL level. There are 4 analogue inputs available which have a voltage range of 0 V … 24 V for monitoring analogue voltage values.

Parameter Value
Electromagnetic susceptibility (tested with 1 kHz AM, 80%, according to IEC 61000-4-3)

Frequency range 10 to 1000 MHz: >190 V/m*
Frequency range 1 to 18 GHz: >200 V/m


4 x 1.2 V Mignon (AA) rechargeable batteries, exchangeable, extended battery charger

Charging conditions

LED, display within software and deep-discharge protection

Operating time (fully charged set of batteries)

approx. 1 week with 8 h active operating per day and 16 h sleep mode

Current consumption (sleep mode)

approx. 6 mA

Current consumption (operation)

approx. 26 mA





Sternenhofstr. 15
4153 Reinach, Switzerland
Tel.+ 41 61 204 41 00

Managing Directors:
Brian Huntsman
Astrid Wälchli Schreiber
VAT-ID: CHE-179.452.414
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