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Bulk Current Injection (BCI)

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  • NSG 4070C

    NSG 4070C

    The NSG 4070 is a multi-functional device for carrying out EMC immunity tests to accompany development and conformity testing in accordance to IEC / EN 61000-4-6, Namur and several automotive BCI standards.

  • CBA 100M-110

    CBA 100M-110

    10 kHz TO 100 MHz 110 Watt Class A Broadband Amplifier

  • CBA 100M-400

    CBA 100M-400

    10 kHz to 100 MHz 400 Watt Class A Broadband Amplifier

  • CBA 400M-110

    CBA 400M-110

    10 KHz to 400 MHz 100 Watt Class A Broadband Amplifier

  • CBA 400M-260

    CBA 400M-260

    10 kHz to 400 MHz 260 Watt Class A Broadband Amplifier

  • CIP 9136A

    CIP 9136A

    The CIP 9136 probe has been manufactured to drawings and specifications laid down by QinetiQ.

  • CIP 9138

    CIP 9138

    The CIP 9138 probe has been designed for MIL-STD-461G CS114.

  • Compliance 5 Immunity

    Compliance 5 Immunity

    Compliance 5 is sophisticated EMC laboratory control software designed to make RF Susceptibility/Immunity testing fast, efficient, compliant, accurate and simple.

  • DCP 0100A

    DCP 0100A

    This high power dual directional coupler has been specifically designed for EMC immunity applications.

  • HV-AN 150

    HV-AN 150

    The artificial network HV-AN 150 covers several applications and standards in the Automotive, Airborne and MIL range. It
    offers the right solution for both high current and high voltage EUTs.

  • MD 4070A

    MD 4070A

    The monitoring device MD 4070 can be used as an active or passive current sensor probe to measure the current in a conductor without connecting it directly.

  • PMU 6003

    PMU 6003

    The PMU 6003 is designed for connection to the USB interface. It includes software that allows multiple power meter readouts at the same time.

  • PCJ 9201

    PCJ 9201

    The PCJ 9201 meets all the requirements and provides additionally a save way for measuring the insertion loss of current sensing probes and monitoring probes.

  • RFB 6000

    RFB 6000

    RF Switch Network

  • SW 4070, SW 4070-MAN

    SW 4070, SW 4070-MAN

    The SW 4070 allows to switch the signal paths for having a remote controlled system and is fully powered and controlled by the NSG 4070.

  • SW 6012

    SW 6012

    The SW 6012 adds two SPDT switches to the built-in switching network of the ITS 6006. It is fully powered and controlled by the ITS 6006.

  • WIN 6000

    WIN 6000

    Teseq provides with the WIN 6000 a device control software with NSG 4070 and ITS 6006 for performing conducted and radiated susceptibility tests as defined by international standards.



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