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Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) CDN S Type

  • Designed for IEC/EN 61000-4-6
  • Ready for high speed HDMI
  • All 19 pins connected

IEC/EN 61000-4-6 specifies the design and performance of a range of coupling/decoupling networks (CDNs). Each CDN is specific to the type of cable and the intended signal carried on the cable. Teseq offers an extensive range of CDNs which fully comply with the requirements of the standard and provide a simple and reliable method of injecting RF energy into the equipment under test (EUT).
The CDN HDMI is a coupling/decoupling network for screened multimedia cables. It is specially designed for high speed HDMI applications including HDCP, HEC (Ethernet), ARC and DSC.

Line type Application Connector EUT port Connector AE port
HDMI, screened, 19 lines High speed HDMI with HDCP, HEC (Ethernet), ARC and DSC HDMI socket HDMI socket
Parameter Value

Frequency range

150 kHz to 230 MHz

Power rating
(EUT- and AE port)

AC max. voltage (line to ground): 100 V
DC max. voltage (line to ground): 100 V
Current max : 1 A
Test voltage: 200 V DC, 2 sec

Common mode impedance
(EUT port)

150 kHz to 26 MHz: 150 Ω ±20 Ω
26 MHz to 230 MHz: 150 Ω +60 Ω / -45 Ω

Coupling path
(In/Out port/EUT)

Connection: BNC 50 Ω
RF voltage: <20 V