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CDN A801

Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) CDN AF-8 Type for 10 kHz to 80 MHz

CDN A801
  • Used for unscreened, unbalanced lines, carrying low current
  • Designed for IEC/EN 61000-4-6
  • 4 mm banana sockets
  • Performance up to 300 MHz

IEC/EN 61000-4-6 specifies the design and performance of a range of coupling/decoupling networks (CDNs). Each CDN is specific to the type of cable and the intended signal carried on the cable. Teseq offers an extensive range of CDNs which fully comply with the requirements of the standard and provide a simple and reliable method of injecting RF energy into the equipment under test (EUT).
Whilst the published standard only specifies the performance of CDN from 150 kHz to 80 MHz, most of Teseq CDNs are specially designed to give the same performance to a wider frequency range. This is required by some product specific standards.
Each CDN is also useable for emission testing. Special types meet the requirements of CISPR 15 or can be used as impedance stabilization network (ISN) defined in CISPR 22.

Application Connector EUT Port Connector AE Port
8 lines application 4 mm banana 4 mm banana
Parameter Value

Frequency range

150 kHz to 300 MHz

Line parameters

unscreened, unbalanced

Power rating (EUT- and AE port)

AC max. voltage (line to ground): 160 V
DC max. voltage (line to ground): 250 V
Current max : 250 mA,
4 A for CDN A301 2) and A501, 2 A for CDN A 801,
Test voltage: 400 V DC, 2 sec

Common mode impedance (EUT port)

150 kHz to 26 MHz: 150 Ω ±20 Ω
26 MHz to 230 MHz: 150 Ω +60 Ω / -45 Ω
230 MHz to 300 MHz: 150 Ω +60 Ω / -60 Ω

Coupling path (In/Out port/EUT)

Connection: BNC 50 Ω
RF voltage: <30 V

Voltage division factor (RF input to EUT port)

150 kHz to 80 MHz: 9.5 dB ±1 dB, 10 dB ±1 dB for CDN A501, A801
80 MHz to 300 MHz: 9.5 dB +3 dB / -2 dB, 10 dB +3 dB / -2 dB for CDN A501, A801

Transmission bandwidth (wanted signal) EUT/AE B3 dB:

> 20 kHz sin.

Decoupling of CM disturbance (RF port/AE)

150 kHz: >30 dB
1.5 MHz: >60 dB
30 MHz: >50 dB
230 MHz: >30 dB